Date Title Episode Speaker
2020/05/0105/01/2020 Dealing With Wolves-with Charlie Frederico Episode 0005 Dr. David Harrell
2020/04/0104/01/2020 Does Your Life Count for the King and His Kingdom?-with Dr. Shannon Hurley Episode 0004 Dr. David Harrell
2020/03/0103/01/2020 Preaching the Word in Dangerous Times-with John Fast Episode 0003 Dr. David Harrell
2020/02/0102/01/2020 Dealing With Disappointment-with Dr. Tom Branson Episode 0002 Dr. David Harrell
2020/01/0101/01/2020 Shepherding and Evangelizing Millennials in a Liberal City-with Jeremy Rose Episode 0001 Dr. David Harrell